Cumbrian farmhouse complete with barn

Houseboxes are made from our customers’ own photos, these days usually supplied by email. They are boxes – the lid can be lifted off – made from 6mm birch ply, and are usually between 6 and 8 inches long or high, depending on the shape of the house. They are painted with every detail by Mary, and can even include portraits and pets! They make wonderful gifts for people buying their first house, or leaving a loved home, and we have even made boxes of houses as they were in centuries past. As well as every type of ordinary house, we have also done churches, castles, hotels, whole streets, gardens in every detail, and boats. You can have the front only (plus the roof) painted, or as many faces as you wish. Prices start at about £75. Send us the photos and we will give you a sketch and price, without obligation.62-IMG_1849Cumbrian farmhouse

Cumbrian farmhouse



model of London house
Large London townhouse


A small chest of drawers in the shape of a London house. About 18″ high, useful for jewellery, stationery, art materials. Each window and the door is a drawer, and the back was painted with the garden!

Manor CottageManor Cottage front

This is a charming cottage in a Cumbrian village, and as you see we modelled the whole front garden, with flower beds, garden seat, and the walls, railings and even the gate!



A house in Germany. Mary painted on not only the whole family who live there, but all their pets too.


A large modern house complete with residents and their pets too!


Aglionby Grange



This large model of Keswick Museum was commissioned by them prior to the renovation some years ago, and was a collection box for contributions – you can see the slot in the roof on the right. It is still on display in the museum, which has a fascinating collection -and a good little cafe

Lowick Hall



Prince WilliamPrince William pub

Mermaid House

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