Painted Woodwork


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Mary paints on boxes and trays of all shapes and sizes, and also produces easel paintings. On this page we are concentrating on her boxes and trays, many of which have been commissions, painted for birthdays or anniversaries, or to celebrate other special events. She will design a box or tray around a theme of your choice, and the boxes, trays, frames and other items are made by Richard to the required size and design. Prices start around £45, but obviously very much depend on the specifications. Scroll some way down the page to see a slideshow of some of the commemorative trays we have done.




Mermaid house signThis is a house sign, painted on oak, and coated with yacht varnish


Robins casket
Robins Casket

Robins casket, doors open



Pennine Way Box



Personalised trays: Designed and painted to a theme of your choice.  Prices start at £50

Tray slide show

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Sunrise box lid'The Journey'

Chinoiserie casket

‘Chinoiserie’ cabinet, a small chest of drawers about 14″ high, with a hidden drawer